July 2018


'Happy big school' to all our little leavers. Have fun, we will miss you.




June 2018


The older children had a lovely morning at the allotment with Martin and Issac. They planted radishes, spring onions and sunflower seeds then had a drink and a snack before walking back to school. 



love from 

Everyone at Busy Bees




March 2018


The children all helped to make our wonderful Chinese New Year display. We celebrated with noodles and fortune cookies. Angela brought back some wonderful photos from her holiday in China.

February 2018

Well done to this little lot who braved the snow and came in to Busy Bees dressed up for World Book Day today. 


In 24 years Busy Bees staff have kept their doors open everyday whatever the weather!!!!


Christmas 2017

Today we had our Christmas Party and a visit from Father Christmas. 

Jorge very kindly gave us this enormous cracker which took a lot of pulling!!!!

                Merry Christmas 


October 2017

Thank you Martin for building us this fabulous Pirate Ship.

We love 'make believe' at Busy Bees!!

July 2017

This summer we caught the Tenterden Steam Train to Bodiam Castle. It was a lovely hot sunny day and we picnicked and played games in the grounds.

This picture is of our leavers who are ready for 'big school'. We wish them well and hope they will pop back and see us. 

May 2017


We have some tadpoles to watch grow in to frogs. The children were very interested and very knowledgeable about life-cycles. 

Happy Easter


The children have been busy making Easter cards and baskets.

March 2017

Today the children enjoyed a walk in to the countryside. We talked about the birds we saw, the plants that were growing and the buds on the trees. The children were very knowledgeable. They climbed on a fallen down tree and we all sat on a rug and had an Easter bunny cake. 

March 2017

Thank you to a very kind Mummy who made us all some 'Red Nose Cakes'.

March 2017

Today we dressed up to raise money for 

'Red Nose Day'

Thank you for all your donations we raised over £50.

February 2017

The children have been enjoying messy play, exploring with mark making in foam. They loved the feel of it on their hands describing it as feeling 'soft' and 'warm'.  

July 2016

Today we had a party with all our Busy Bees. The children enjoyed watching Mr Funny Bones perform before tucking in to party food lunch.

We said 'good-bye' to our 13 leavers off to school. We will miss them all and wish them lots of happy school days.

June 2016

Today the children made Nature Crowns.

They used leaves, flowers, petals and lambs wool to design their own wonderful creation.

December 2015

Today we performed our Christmas Show to our friends and family in the church. The children dressed up and stood at the front and sang so lovely to everyone.

Happy Christmas. :-)

November 2015

We had fun today clearing the leaves off the path after we had finished playing with them!!

September 2015

Busy Bees is SO  lucky to be the winner of these wonderful sea creatures!!

THANK YOU so much to 'Hoop' in Tenterden High Street for making these amazing creatures and to everyone who voted for us.

The children will have so much fun with them. 

Summer hols 2015

Thank you so much to all the leavers of 2015 for your very generous gift of a  Pimms cream tea at Eastwell Manor. We had a lovely time, the food was delicious and we ate every last cake crumb!!!

July 2015

We are very sorry to be losing 18 little Busy Bees to 'big' school. We wish them all lots of happiness.

It is extremely sad too that we will be losing Cindy and Alison . After 15 and 12 years we will miss them very much. We wish them both well with their new ventures.

July 2015

Our summer outing this year at the Rare Breeds Centre in Woodchurch.

Children, family and friends all enjoyed stroking the animals, playing in the park and a tractor ride.

The highlight of the day was the pig racing that many of our childeren bravely volunteered for!!

Our second egg was eagerly awaited by the children and our first chick!

At 12.45pm the second chick hatched. Both chicks share Jo's birthday!!

There are still 3 eggs left, we will keep you up to date if there are anymore new arrivals. 

You can watch the video of the second chick hatching.

18th May 2015. Great excitement today when our first chick hatched at 9.30am in front of a big audience!! One minute it was chipping away then suddenly it appeared. For the rest of the morning we kept a close eye on the second egg starting to crack.

May 2015- Everyone was delighted to see some cute fluffy chicks that have come to help the children learn about growth, life cycles and how to care for living things.

We are eagarly counting down 21 days to see if our eggs in the incubator will hatch too, the due date is 20th May. All our fingers are crossed!

 May 2015- We are helping the children to develop an understanding of the world and how things change and grow.

We have some tadpoles in pre-school and have been talking about their life cycle and how they will develop. Everyone is watching carefully for the first signs of some legs!!

This years Christmas Production was a great success!!

We were really proud of all our children as they stood up on the stage in front of Mummy's, Daddy's, Granny's, Grandad's and friends singing their little hearts out.

On Thursday 18th December 2014 we were invited to go toTenterden library  dressed as a book character for a special story time.  Everyone made a brilliant effort and we looked fabulous walking hand in hand along the High Street.

On the 9th September 2014 we celebrated our 20th Birthday.